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Department Listing

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Services You May Need

Service/LocationPhone Number
Animal Control Department361-578-3564
Abandoned Buildings361-485-3330
Abandoned Vehicles361-485-3330
Air Quality361-485-3230
Ambulance Bill Payments361-485-3081
Appliance Pickup (take to City landfill)361-485-3220
Birth Certificates361-485-3040
Brush Pickup and Tree Limb Collection361-485-3220
Building Inspections and Permits361-485-3320
Building Permits Fax361-485-3326
Building Inspections Request Line361-485-3333
Death Certificates361-485-3040
Debris/litter in yards or lots361-485-3330
Demographics (City demographics)361-485-3360
Driveway Permits and Inspections361-485-3320
Economic Development361-485-3190
Emergency Management Coordinator361-580-5770
Emergency Numbers - Ambulance, Police, Fire911
Engineering Department361-485-3340
Environmental Complaints (Weedy lots, debris, junk vehicles)361-485-3330
Floodplain Maps and Permits361-485-3340
Fleet Service361-485-3079
Furniture pickup (to take to City Landfill)361-485-3220
Garbage pickup361-485-3220
Garage Sales361-485-3040
Geographic Information Services (GIS) Mapping361-485-3360
Golf Course (Riverside Golf Course)361-573-4521
Health Department (Victoria County)361-578-6281
Housing Programs361-485-3360
Junk Vehicles361-485-3330
Library (Victoria Public Library)361-485-3302
Liquor Licenses361-485-3040
Limb and Grass obstruction/complaints361-485-3200
Long Range Planning361-485-3360
Maps of the City361-485-3360
Mowing of weedy lots361-485-3200
Mosquito Control361-485-3200
Municipal Court Automated Payment Line
Park Maintenance361-485-3200
Permits (All construction permits)361-485-3320
Permits (Fax)361-485-3326
Planning Services361-485-3360
Pool (Municipal Swimming Pool)361-573-0173
Pothole Repair Hotline361-485-3160
Recreation and Special Events361-485-3200
Riverside Park, Pavilion rentals361-485-3200
Safety Office361-485-3500
Sewage Pretreatment361-485-3230
Sewer and Water Service (Bills, connections and disconnections)361-485-3400
Sidewalk and Driveway permits and inspections361-485-3320
Softball Complex361-578-7621
Solid Waste (Recycling, garbage pickup, large-item pickup)
Street Addressing361-485-3360
Street Construction and Inspections361-485-3340
Street Lights361-485-3340
Street Repair and Drainage (Pothole Repairs)361-485-3160
Street Sweeping361-485-3160
Subdivision and Development Review361-485-3360
Surface Water Treatment Plant361-485-3415
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) and Voice361-578-9995
Tickets (Traffic and Parking)361-485-3050
Traffic Count Information361-485-3360
Traffic Lights, Traffic Signs and School Flashers361-485-3340
Utility Bills and Utility Service (Water and Sewer)361-485-3400
Utility Maintenance and Operations (Meters, water quality, sewers, new water and sewer service quotes)361-485-3380
Utility Construction and Inspections361-485-3340
Vendor’s Licenses361-485-3040
Victoria Economic Development Corporation361-485-3190
Weedy Lots361-485-3330
Weedy Lot Payments361-485-3081