Building Plans

Building Plans shall include the following:

  • Architectural Plans
  • Electrical Plan
  • Elevations
  • Energy Code Compliance
  • Fire Resistive Assembly Listing (UL#)
  • Foundation Plan
  • Interior Finish Schedule
  • Mechanical Plan
  • Plumbing and Gas Plan
  • Room, Door, Window Schedules
  • Specifications
  • Structural Plans including Design Calculations (Live, Dead, Wind)
  • Wall Sections and Cross Sections
  1. Commercial Building Plan
  2. Permit Issuance
  3. Submittal Guidelines
  4. Additional Resources

In order for a commercial building plan review to begin, a few additional steps are required.

Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) Submittal

All plans and specifications for commercial construction or for substantial renovation, modification or alteration of a building or facility that has an estimated construction cost of $50,000 or more and that is subject to provisions of the Architectural Barriers Act shall be submitted to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for review and approval. 

Online Submittal

More information and online submittal is available at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website.

Asbestos Survey

Building owners and contractors must provide the city with evidence that asbestos surveys have been conducted on portions of buildings affected by the planned renovation or demolition by a person licensed under the Texas Asbestos Health Protection Act.

Licensed Asbestos Inspectors

To access a current list of licensed asbestos inspectors, you may:

Pretreatment Questionnaire/Application

A Pretreatment Questionnaire/Application (PDF) must be completed and returned to the Development Center or the Public Works Department for all commercial establishments. 

Please contact the Public Works Pretreatment Division at 361-485-3186 for more information.

Food Establishment Questionnaire

A Food Establishment Questionnaire (PDF) must be completed by food establishments and returned to the Pretreatment Division of Public Works, located at:
700 Main Center
Suite 107
Victoria, TX 77901