Brochures & Flyers

Don’t Be a Dumpster Dummy

This flyer gives you the "Do’s and Don’ts" of maintaining the dumpster on your property.

Access our Dumpster Flyer (PDF) to avoid becoming a dumpster dummy.

Garage Sale

Coming Soon.

Grass Clippings

Ever seen a mowing company or neighbor blow grass clippings and leaves into the street and leave them there? If you thought it was wrong, you were right! Download this flyer to see the proper ways to dispose of yard clippings.

Check out the Grass Clippings Brochure (PDF) to learn more.

Illegal Dumping

Dumping trash in unauthorized locations is unsightly and can cause major public health and safety concerns. Download this flyer to learn how to help stop illegal dumping in Victoria.

Find out more by reviewing the Illegal Dumping Brochure (PDF).


Do you use banners, pennants, or other types of temporary signage to advertise your service or business? If so, the City of Victoria has certain criteria that must be met.

Review the Signs Brochure (PDF) to gather more information.