Prior to the global pandemic, having a reliable connection to high-speed internet was important, and COVID-19 served to further establish broadband as a staple of daily life in Victoria. In 2020, the City established the Victoria Broadband Commission along with partners in the government, education, medical and economic sectors. As part of that effort, the City has solicited input for solving the connectivity challenges faced by the community as a whole, developed relationships with internet service providers who have an interest in providing service to the region and worked with a diverse set of agencies, entities, and institutions aimed at closing the digital divide throughout the State of Texas.

The City continues to play an active role in improving internet access by identifying and pursuing solutions such as attracting new service providers; expanding infrastructure; implementing digital equity programs; and participating in regional initiatives.

Fiber network installation

The map below shows neighborhoods that are scheduled for fiber installation this year. Installations will take place on the public easements (shown in yellow; zoom in to view details). Work schedules are determined by private companies and are subject to change. We will update the map as we receive information.

Crews will reach out to residents and leave door hangers to notify them of upcoming installations. Please reach out to the company directly if you have any questions.

To determine who is working in your neighborhood, enter your address in the search bar on the map. If your address is shaded blue, work is being completed by AT&T, while Sparklight is shown in orange. If your area is not shaded, check back for updates as construction progresses throughout the city.

To contact AT&T call (361) 884-8288.                                 To contact Sparklight call (361) 433-0056