Parks Master Plan

city of victoria parks and recreation master plan

A parks master plan is developed in order to give the department a roadmap of what the community wants within its parks and recreation system.  This helps staff with developing new programs or events, including budgeting for capital improvement projects. A parks master plan will also identify areas of improvement regarding maintenance and upkeep.

Consultant: Halff Associates 

Steering Committee: Parks & Recreation Commission members including W. Lee Keeling, Chair; Mike Rivera, Vice-Chair; Gail Repka, Commissioner; Laurie Eder, Commissioner; Stephen Fort, Commissioner; Justin Urbano, Commissioner; Gloria Rodriguez, Commissioner; Jesse Olivarez, Commissioner; and Ashley Magee, Commissioner. 


Nov. 2020

  • Pre-planning and background information gathering 
  • Kick-off meeting and parks tour with department staff

Dec. 2020

  • Preparation of public engagement activities and online surveys 
  • PARC meeting with consultants 
  • Inventory of parks and facilities

Jan. 2021

  • Initiate public outreach


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