Applicant Rejection Criteria

While some disqualified applicants may be encouraged to reapply again with the Victoria Police Department for the position sought or other positions within the department, there are some applicants which may be deemed ineligible to reapply.

  1. Reapplying
  2. Permanent Rejection
  3. Temporary Rejection
  4. Prior Drug Use
  5. Disqualifying Criteria


Disqualified applicants may reapply or may be placed back into the application process if the requirements are met when the applicant:

  • Failed a credit check.
  • Failed to meet city liability insurance requirements concerning driving records (if the applicant is applying for a position that requires driving).
  • Failed to Meet Medical Requirements. If an applicant can have a medical condition corrected so they can successfully pass a medical exam then they may reapply. That applicant must show in writing from a doctor or physician that the condition has been corrected before re-initiating the application process. The determination of the City of Victoria approved doctor or physician will be the final decision regarding the failure to meet medical requirements.
  • Failed to meet TCOLE Education Requirements or the educational requirements of the Victoria Police Department.
  • Failed to meet the typing or spelling requirements in the City of Victoria Job Description for the position being sought. (May take either typing or spelling twice).

Applicants not eligible for hire or those who will not be considered for hire on the basis of a single test, examination, interview, or background investigation will be informed by the Training Unit, in person, by phone or in writing within thirty calendar days.

Applicants who successfully passed all steps of the application process and were not selected may be placed on an eligibility list for a year or may reapply as openings exist.

  • Applicants may reapply after six months if the applicant failed to successfully complete the following:
    • a) Written examination
    • b) Physical ability test (entry level Police Officer positions) after two attempts
    • c) Review Board Process (With approval of the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief or their designee, the applicant may interview again within a 60 day period on a scheduled interview date)
  • Unless otherwise determined by the Chief of Police or Assistant Chief, applicants may reapply after one year if they fail the:
    • a) Background Investigation
    • b) Pre-employment Drug Screening
  • Applicants may not reapply if they did not pass the City of Victoria pre-employment drug screening or failed to meet the psychological requirements of the City of Victoria, unless approved by the Chief of Police. The determination of the City of Victoria approved doctor or physician will be the final decision regarding the failure of a psychological test.

Note: The sixty-day, six months or one-year time frame mentioned above will begin from the time the applicant was informed of their disqualification.