Fines & Fees

Access Services

For more information, contact Access Services by phone at 361-485-3301.


  1. Most Library materials are loaned for 3 weeks.
    1. Hotspots are loaned for 1 week (Victoria County residents only)

  2. Fines for materials are $0.10 per item per day charged only if materials are returned late. 
  3. E-readers, iPads and laptops are for in-library use only. Fines for devices per day are $10 per hour (maximum $100)
  4. Failure to pay accrued fines and fees may result in the borrower’s account being turned over to the City of Victoria Municipal Court.


Once a library item is 3 days overdue, you will receive a notice by phone, text or email stating that items are overdue. This will be followed by mail notices and email/phone messages to remind you of overdue items.

Lost or Damaged Material

When a library item is lost or damaged your are responsible for payment to the library for the replacement cost of the lost or damaged item. An item is considered lost once it is 30 days overdue.

Lost or damaged charges include:

  1. Actual cost of the item or a default price if item cost is unavailable
  2. A processing fee
  3. Any overdue fines that may have accumulated

If a library item is returned to the library damaged, a letter will be sent to notify you of this situation. The library will not accept any materials in lieu of fines or fees at any time.

Refunds for Recovered Lost Items

When a lost item is paid for you will be given an itemized receipt. If the lost item and this receipt are returned within 30 days from the date that an item is placed into lost status, a refund of the item cost only can be obtained. Processing fees and overdue fines are nonrefundable.

Replacement Cost for Accessory Items

  • Playaway Battery Covers                           $0.50
  • Playaway USB charging port & cord        $10 ($5 each)
  • DVD case                                                      $5 (nonrefundable)
  • Music CD case                                             $2 (nonrefundable)     
  • Playaway case                                             $3 (nonrefundable)
  • Launchpad Case                                         $10 (nonrefundable)