Training Division

The Training Office is currently located at Fire Station Number 1. 


The division is responsible for ensuring personnel receives required training and certifications, maintaining training records, designing and implementing training programs, and administrating the Emergency Medical Services Quality Assurance program.


All personnel train constantly in the Emergency Medical Services and Fire disciplines to maintain the high quality of service our customers have come to expect. We train on an individual basis, on the company level, multi-company level, and occasionally on the department and multi-department level. 

Many methods are used to accomplish the training: 

  • Classroom lectures
  • Drills
  • Individual study
  • Web-based training

The Victoria Fire Department is proud that we carry Texas Commission on Fire Protection and Department of State Health Services Ongoing Continuing Education Program certifications and enjoy the benefit of having several in-house instructors.

Additional Courses

The department also hosts TEEX (Texas A&M Extension) Classes, National Fire Academy, and other specialty courses. Victoria Fire Department personnel attend Texas Department of Emergency Management courses, National Fire Academy and Emergency Management Institute courses in Emmitsburg, Maryland on a regular basis.


Besides the normal training dealing with the day to day responses of the department many of our personnel have been trained in special areas these include the Hazardous Materials, Water Rescue, and Technical Rescue Training.

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